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Learn from the boss

A complete 80-lesson-program where you will go from production fundamentals to mix & mastering, through composition, synthesis, harmonics, learning all the best production techniques.

The course's program

  • General overview and the groove elements4:00
  • Key parameters of the kick7:00
  • The ADSR7:00
  • How phase affects the kick in the low frequencies and club setups18:00
  • Use a sampled kick or sample packs and modify its ADSR + pitch5:00
  • Axwell – Kick & bass tips and tricks18:00
  • Shapov – Kick tips27:00
  • Overall drums – How to write them12:00
  • Creative drum effects4:00
  • The 3+3+2 pattern10:00
  • NEW_ID – The full drum groove and swing (Tear down example)22:00
  • The bass role and its components7:00
  • Split bass examples: The importance of the sub frequencies in the mix7:00
  • How to write the bass (Sub bass)3:00
  • How to write the bass (Movements pt. 1)9:00
  • How to write the bass (Movements pt. 2)21:00
  • Axwell – How to write a powerful bass7:00
  • NEW_ID – How to create a bass line (“Tear down” example)21:00
  • Synthesis overview and additive synthesis10:00
  • Subtractive synthesis10:00
  • The ADSR, LFO and modern synth structure10:00
  • Design a sound from scratch and the secrets for a mix-ready sound23:00
  • Shapov- How I use the synths25:00
  • Shapov- The synths I use and love15:00
  • NEW_ID – Bass synth FX processing (Camelphat remix example)8:00
  • The main harmonic groups and their characteristics15:00
  • The lead: The major scale12:00
  • The lead: Minor scale and quick scale writing in DAW12:00
  • The lead: Lead creative writing11:00
  • The rhythmic harmonics: The chords8:00
  • The rhythmic harmonics: Evolved chords and variations12:00
  • The rhythmic harmonics: The circle of fifths (The harmonic sequences)30:00
  • The pad: The 3 golden rules7:00
  • Axwell – How to write melodies from chords (“Don’t You Worry Child”)10:00
  • NEW_ID- How I made harmonics15:00
  • How to record and incoming signal2:00
  • Vocal editiing: Best take, volume riding, variations4:00
  • The creative use of acapellas3:00
  • Samples and/or acapellas as musical instruments8:00
  • Axwell – How to treat a pop vocal8:00
  • Axwell – The creative use of a vocal6:00
  • The track structure (Verse, bridge, chorus)10:00
  • The “emotional growth”- Theory7:00
  • Axwell – How to structure a track16:00
  • Shapov – Track structure tips21:00
  • Corrective EQ and creative EQ5:00
  • Compressor / Gate / Expander6:00
  • The sidechain8:00
  • Reverbs7:00
  • Transient shaper3:00
  • Delay4:00
  • Harmonics exciters4:00
  • Space imagers: Pan, center, wideners, HAAS8:00
  • The limiter3:00
  • Axwell- How I approach the mix and my finalization masterchain18:00
  • Shapov – Full mix example and the Axtone style mastering58:00
  • Tips and tricks by Shapov5:00
  • Tips and tricks by NEW_ID6:00
  • Tips and tricks by Axwell13:00
  • The access to the Talent Pool5:00


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A complete music production course from A to Z. Going from the mindset to mix & mastering, through composition, structure, harmonics and more.


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Axtone Academy


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Axtone Academy
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With Axtone Academy you have the incredible opportunity of going from rookie to stardom by entering Axtone's amazing roster. Submit your tracks in the talent pool at the end of the academy and you could be chosen to be part of one of the leading labels in electronic music.

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